Friday, October 30, 2009


I'm having a halloween party tonight, combination of our housewarming and my 30th birthday.  I don't expect many costumes - halloween in general is still seen as an American holiday, I think.

The ITGeek wanted to go as Chris from the Resident Evil games.  I decided to do the dorky couple thing and chose a costume related to his.  But, realising that anybody who didn't play zombie-killing video games would have no idea who we were,  I chose Alice from the Resident Evil movie

I do not have the legs of Milla Jokovic.  Actually, I have nothing even remotely close to Milla, but I figure most of my friends are used to me and have lowered their expectations accordingly.  I do, however, have a pair of slut boots, a newly-made red dress, and bike shorts. With big thanks to my mum for helping me make the costume.  Because I like to sew, I have whole boxes of fabric, I have all these grandiose plans for outfits I can sew, but I suck at it. 

The ITGeek, who must only buy new tools/tech toys based on if they come with holders he can hang off his belt, only needed a H harness.  Well, until we discovered he's almost too good at weight watchers, and lost 8kg.  So then he needed new pants, as well.    (Between me and the entire freaking internet, I don't care a bit.  See, the ITGeek has a tush so gorgeous it turned me into a butt woman, and these pants show it off nicely. )

So I'm sitting here, writing this while trying to dye my hair vaguely blondish.  It's a gorgeous 28C day.  Our house is mostly clean, including the brand spanking new leather couches we got yesterday.  The cat has taken up residence in our garage, where we've set up our old couches.  He's going to be pissed when I chuck him into a room with a sign on the door asking people not to let him out.  Morgan is a complete attention slut and will be desolate at missing out on the chance to headbutt most of our friends.  Affectionate, but stupid, that's our cat.

I'm beginning to feel excited.  I hope I've got enough food, and the drinks will be cold.  I'm not an accomplished party-thrower, so please, cross your fingers for me!  

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  1. well? how did it go? or are you too hung-over to blog about it?
    you've got hungry followers who Need An Update!