Thursday, January 7, 2010

Random shit

Morgan is into violent affection.  His favourite way of saying 'I love you' is to launch all 6.5kg of himself head-first at your nose.  The ITGeek gets this a lot, especially when he's chilling on the couch and it's within two hours of Feeding Time.  Along with the usual cat behaviours of nuzzling, jaw-nibbling and testicle kneeding.

The ITGeek appears to be fighting back.  About ten minutes ago, I heard 'You're a super-affectionate bastard today, aren't you?  Well, let's see how you like it!'

Since then, it sounds like a WWF match is going on downstairs, performed by Care-bears, one of them mute.  

'Awww, you coming back for more, are you?'

'Didn't like that, did you, Furry Bum?' (yes, we call the cat Furry Bum.  He's a cat, he's not going to answer to 'Lord High Magnificence', so we might as well give him a really stupid nickname).

It's now turned into a lecture about why it's rude for Morgan to read over his shoulder.  And wave his tail in the ITGeek's face.  It's all, 'Move.  Your tail. Now.  Thank you.'

I love this man.  

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