Saturday, September 4, 2010

CBRII Book 34: The Case of the Imaginary Detective by Karen Joy Fowler

There's nothing wrong with this book, there's just not much right about it. Rima Lanisell is the goddaughter of famous mystery writer Addison Early. Following the death of her father (several years after the brother, and many years after the death of her mother), Rima goes to live with Addison.
Rima is supposed to be 29, but there's something incredibly child-like about her. She drifts, and although you might be able to put that down to her understandable grief, it slows the story and sucks all the personality right out of her, an almost unforgivable sin in the central character. Like a ten year old looking for entertainment, she decides she's going to unravel the 'mystery' of her father's relationship with Addison, but she's so inert that in some scenes, she forces herself to take on the characterisitics of her dead brother, and these are the few times the plot actually advances.
There's some cute moments, mostly centred around misunderstandings between the (mostly) female characters, and the ubiquitous role of the internet in everything from modern literature to social interactions.
But overall?

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