Friday, November 13, 2009

Can rattling ettiquette

I've done a bit of fundraising this year of the 'waving a tin can at an intersection' variety.  Both times, they've been for well-known organisations/charities, and I'm always stunned by how generous people are.  Still, I thought I'd offer a couple of tips, because I'm arrogant and ungrateful and stuff:

1.  Chances are good that the tin-rattlers have been in your shoes at least fifty times.  So if you don't have change, or you're not interested in giving, just shake your head, okay?  We won't think you're a turd, I promise. Don't, whatever you do, start scrambling with something in your passenger seat.  You might think you look distracted, but from our point of view, you look like you might be reaching for your bag or wallet, in order to donate.  So we walk over, and then it's awkward for all involved.  

2.  Don't throw the money.  If it falls on the road, our insurance doesn't allow us to pick it up, because when we're bending down, a) we reduce our own visibility and b) drivers have a harder time seeing us.  I can kinda see their point, even though it sucks to turn down decent people's donations. 

3.  Don't do what one guy did to me and try to have a conversation, forcing me to stand between cars on a busy road when the lights were about to turn green.  I wasn't being rude when I turned and ran off, mate, I was just trying to not get smeared all over the tarmac.  

Oh, and if you were the person who bought 6 cups of soft drink from McDonalds and gave them to some SES fundraisers in Knox today, you are a wonderful human being.  Thank you.


  1. oh god, that sounds like me, i love taking volunteers snack-age.
    pay that shit forward, earthlings!

  2. See, that's reason #3456 Why GP is Awesome. :)